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Did You Know…

  • First home owners may be eligible to a First Home Owner Grant (FHOG) offered by the Government?


The value of the grant varies State by State and depends on your personal situation.


A mortgage broker can help you understand whether you meet the eligibility criteria for a First Home Owner Grant.


Our first home mortgage brokers in Melbourne are able to help you through the First Home Owner Grant application process from start to finish.



  • A competitive loan interest rate coupled with attractive features could save you a lot on your monthly repayments?


No matter which home you intend to buy, chances are you’ll need a home loan for it.


Many Aussies don’t know that when finding a competitive interest rate, it isn’t all about getting the lowest interest rate.


In fact, the features of a loan are also important aspects of a loan to make it the right fit for you.


For example, if you are able to place more than the minimum monthly repayments into the loan account, an offset loan account may be more beneficial for you.



  • There are more costs on top of the purchase price of the property alone?


The purchase price of the property is just the first step of negotiations.


Other factors such as pest and building inspections, solicitor costs, property valuations, stamp duty, and much more all add to the total cost of purchasing a property.


To find out more about additional costs associated to purchasing a home, give our first home mortgage brokers in Melbourne a call or drop us an email and we’ll be more than happy to help.


We want to help all Aussies understand the property buying journey as much as possible to avoid any shockers.

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Why Choose Us?

With decades of experience behind Aspirus Financial, we know how banks work and what the real estate market is like.


Unlike banks, we’re just ordinary people with the advantage of decades of mortgage experience.


We understand personal situations and work hard to find the suitable solutions for you based on your own circumstances.


Whether you have hundreds of thousands in the bank or just have a couple hundred, we will do our best to find you a loan solution that will work for you.


By choosing Aspirus Financial Services, you are giving yourself the leverage of working with a team of mortgage experts who work toward getting the most from banks.


Banks don’t care about your feelings.


But we do.


With our first home mortgage brokers in Melbourne working at the helm of your loan applications, we will deal with the banks on your behalf thus making the loan process easier and smoother for you.


To learn more about Aspirus, read our About Us  page.

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